August 2019 Principals Newsletter

082019 Principal's Newsletter
082019 Newsletter School Grade
       Dear Team Success Families,

As your new principal, it is my pleasure to welcome
everyone back for another amazing school year. Our
staff is thrilled to greet our returning and new students
and their families.

Team Success thrives to provide a safe and rigorous
learning environment. Therefore, our teachers will use a
new curriculum for ELA and Math to meet the academic
needs of our students. Please attend our curriculum
evening in September. I will send out more information in
my next newsletter.

I am excited to share with you that Team Success has
been rated an “A” school for the 2018-19 school year. This
is our third consecutive A! Yet again, our students
stepped up to the plate and conquered the FSA. We will
continue to set high expectations for all of our students.
Thank you for being part of an amazing school!

Our school is growing from year to year. I am sure that
you have noticed our beautiful new office and 4th/5th
grade buildings. Furthermore, I am thrilled to welcome
our new kindergarteners and our very first 11th grade
We have been working on our website. I hope you will
find it helpful and informative as we thrive to improve our
communications with you and our community.
All faculty and staff members are looking forward to
working with your student. We have a busy school year
ahead of us. Thus, I would like to say “thank you” for your
ongoing support. If you have any questions, comments,
or concerns, please feel free to contact the school.
Mrs. Nicole Howe
Per Florida Statute 1012.42, you as a parent have the right to know if your child's teacher is teaching out of field. All teachers below are working on fulfilling the professional teaching requirements for their subject area:

* Kelsey Brown * Iris Rivera * Rachel Steinman * Gloria Custodio * Holly
Mayotte * Celso Mendez * Linette Rivera * Dianne Majchrzak * Diana
Lugo* James DeMaio * Faith Flory * Whitney Evans * Sabrina Viota *
** 3rd grade: Whitney Evans, Carla Curnutte
** 4th grade: Jessica Poppleton
** 5th grade: Sara Patterson
** 6th grade: James DeMaio
** 8th grade: Tony Alves
** 8th grade/Bio: Valerie Douglas
Important August Dates/Events