Values, Mission, & Vision


At Team Success we are passionate about closing the achievement gap for minority students in our community who have been underserved by traditional schools. We strive to provide a safe environment for our students to grow academically, socially, & emotionally. We want each student to know that he or she is special and valued, and that they can succeed at school and in life, no matter the obstacles in their way.



Team Success aims to help every student become a resilient,empowered learner. Through modeling effective strategies and engaging in cooperative learning, we guide our students to build strong academic foundations for success. Our mission is to develop each student's highest potential so that they continue their academic careers and thrive in higher education and careers that lift them and their families out of poverty.



Our vision is to create one of the top Title I K-12 public charter schools in the nation by providing and empowering underserved Manatee County students with a strong foundation in the education, life skills, and coping mechanisms necessary to rise above all adversity, and lead successful lives in school and beyond.