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Team Success offers students entering Kindergarten a two week academy to assist students in the transition into a school setting, as well as ensuring the students have the basic skills needed to begin Kindergarten.



In Primary School, students are in their first stages of learning social and academic skills. Our philosophy is to promote a thirst for knowledge early on and setting the foundation for our students’ academic careers. Being a Title 1 school, our kids come from low income families that know little to no English. Therefore, we focus on teaching our students to identify and comprehend basic words and sentences. Starting in Kindergarten, students focus on learning the alphabet and work up to creating simple sentences. As they progress up to 2nd grade, they learn how to form more complex sentences that are able to express comprehension of the material they are reading. Our goal for Primary School is for students to be able to read, comprehend, and write about the selections they read in class. Our math program includes recognition of numbers 1-100, addition, subtraction, and the identification of two and three dimensional shapes. Students are also expected to be able to write full sentences and to answer word problems by 2nd grade. In sharpening their social skills, we teach students starting from Kindergarten to work together and that hard work is rewarded. We focus on this combination of skills in order to prepare students for FSA and other academic benchmarks.




In Elementary School, students are further developing their comprehension skills. Our philosophy encourages elementary students to seek growth in the subject areas they have knowledge in. For reading, students learn to efficiently read through long text while using text features to help with comprehension. Students also learn how to find the main idea of the text and use inferences to find out the implied themes. In addition, students learn how to correctly use punctuation and grammar while writing in different styles and use different enhancement devices. For math, students will fully develop multiplication and division skills while learning fractions and decimals. By 5th grade, students will be taught how to combine all taught skills to answer story problems. While science will be implemented in all grades through reading and math, students will begin to have a deeper understanding of science in 5th grade. Students will be learning various topics in the Scientific Method, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. Overall, Elementary School focuses on building on the skills they have learned in Primary School.



In Middle School, students are learning complex applications in all subject areas. Our philosophy pushes middle school students to reach a full understanding of the curriculum while learning how to be independent learners. For Reading, students learn how to read, comprehend, and engage in collaborative discussions for different types of literature (stories, dramas, poetry, etc.). Students will also learn how to write proficiently in different styles and applying them to different situations using literary devices and correct grammar. For Math, students will further develop their skills using fractions, decimals, multiplication, and division. They will also be introduced to algebraic equations and will learn different applications to solve real world problems. For Science, students will have a deeper understanding of topics such as Motion of Objects, Evolution of Living Organisms, and Forms of Energy. These sets of skills will provide students with a deeper understanding of all subjects that will prepare them for high school



The high school program at Team Success is intended to be a College Preparatory School for Title 1 students. We prepare our student with rigorous classes to obtain the standard diploma for high school graduation. Our students will exceed the requirements for graduation and will be prepared for the statewide assessments as well as the college entrance examinations: SAT, & ACT.
Our scope and sequence will include Advance Placement Courses which will allow our students to acquire college credits while in high school



In order to give our students an extra advantage in tackling the FSA we hold Saturday school 12 weeks throughout the school year. Starting every January, students in grades 3rd– 8th have the opportunity to extend their knowledge in all subjects covered in the FSAincluding Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. Students learn test-taking strategies starting at 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. Our Saturday school program has guaranteed significant improvements in FSA scores time and time again. We take pride in giving our students the best opportunities in order to excel in their academic careers.



Summer School at Team Success is for students who need either remedial instruction or a “crash course” in pre-algebra because they will be taking the High School Algebra course in 8th grade.   Teachers and administration use the data collected from Quarters 1, 2, and 3 to identify students who need extra help with the standards in Language Arts and Math from the current school year in preparation for the upcoming grade level.



In order to ensure our students retain what they have learned over breaks, we send home mandatory packets to be completed. This includes Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer Break. Students are required to complete these packets and to turn them in on the first day back from break. These packets are made to keep your child busy throughout the entire break, so make sure that they are pacing themselves and completing all work. The packets are given to every student and they are to be returned the day the students return from break.