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Student Support Services

Team Success – A School of Excellence has a Student Services Team that works directly with all of our students in grades K-12th. The team consists of a social worker, guidance counselors, language/speech therapists, occupational and physical therapist as well as mental health counselors.  Please see anyone on the team if you need any help. 
Below are some of the many areas of support that the Student Services Team offers: 
  • Promote safe school environment by supporting social, emotional, behavioral, academic, physical, and mental wellness of the students.
  • Responsible for communicating with students and parents. To act as the main liaison between the students and the school. Support the school to ensure that there is a strong commitment to improve the academic and social achievement of the student.
  • Promote kids safety programs from K to 5 (MBF Children Safety Matter/ Monique Burr Foundation)
  • Drug prevention programs from middle and high school (Manatee Children Services and Drug Free Manatee)
  • Felt-food Bags- Feeding little tummies.
  • EFELT- feeding low-income students
  • Project Heart Student Program.
  • Migrant student Program.
  • Coordinating with community provider to support our students: Centerstone and Family Resources, etc.
  • Work together with Early Learning Coalition of Manatee and Manatee Library.
  • Track, check, and promote daily, weekly, and monthly attendance. Following with school attendance by Manatee law and the school district.
  • Providing home visits to check on the status, wellbeing and needs of to best support students and families.
  • Work with CPS and local law enforcement to meet the basic needs of students to ensure their safety.
  • Meet with parents to assist in completion of medical/legal paperwork to ensure students receive appropriate services outside of the school.
  • Completion of paperwork requested by Social Security.
  • Winter clothing and school supplies donations distributed to students in need.
  • Mental Health Training to staff and employees through the Mental Health First Aid Program.
  • ESE Services, Speech, Language, Occupational, Physical Therapies.