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Grievance Report Request

According to the FLDOE memorandum from December 9th, 2022, the State Board of Education adopted “Rule 6A-6.0791, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), Special Magistrate for Unresolved Student Welfare Complaints at Charter Schools in October 2022. The purpose is to support parental rights by providing charter school parents with a more expedient route to resolve certain disputes, in lieu of filing a lawsuit in court.


Each charter school must adopt procedures for a parent to notify the principal, or the principal’s designee, of their concerns and the process for resolving those concerns within seven calendar days after notification by the parent. If that complaint cannot be resolved by the charter school, then the charter must fully cooperate in its local school district’s resolution procedures and comply with the district’s decision for resolution of the complaint.


If a parental complaint involving certain types of disputes is not resolved at the local level by a charter school principal within seven days, or subsequently, a school district within 30 days, a parent may submit a form to the Florida Department of Education requesting the appointment of a Special Magistrate. If the request is granted, a Special Magistrate would hold a hearing and provide a recommended decision to the State Board of Education on the dispute between a parent and the school district”.


Team Success has established policies and procedures for pertaining to matters covered under House Bill 1557 – Special Magistrate for Unresolved Student Welfare Complaints. Please know that no Team Success instructor, staff member, employee, or contracted service provider will provide any changes to a student's mental, physical, or emotional services or monitoring without parental approval. Any parent who believes one of these policies have been violated must contact the administration either in person or by completing the form “ Reporting A Grievance”.