October 2019 Principal Newsletter

Oct 2019 Principal Newsletter
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Dear Team Success Families,

I know we are all surprised by how fast September has flown by! We have certainly had a fantastic month here. It’s been incredibly busy, but the progress the students have made in just a few short weeks has been astounding. Thank you for your continuous support!
Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Student Council Officers!

President: Edward Bailey
Vice-President: Genesis Martinez
Secretary: Luz Ortega
Treasurer: Tenaya Rangel
Important Dates for the Month of October:

• PSAT (8th+9th Grade): 10/09
• NMSQT (10th +11th Grade): 10/16
• Record day: 10/14
• Picture Day: 10/25
Per Florida Statute 1012.42, you as a parent have the right to know if your child's teacher is teaching out of field. All teachers below are working on fulfilling the professional teaching requirements for their subject area:

* Kelsey Brown * Iris Rivera * Rachel Steinman * Gloria Custodio * Valerie Douglas * Holly Mayotte * Celso Mendez * Linette Rivera * Dianne Majchrzak * Diana Lugo* James DeMaio * Faith Flory * Whitney Evans * Sabrina Viota *
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